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Located in the rolling hills of the Northeast, about 12 miles from Boston, lies Woburn, Massachusetts.  The town is surrounded by Wilmington, Reading, Stoneham, Lexington, Winchester and Burlington.

Legends abound from Woburn - from stories of the first meeting with the Indians to haunted inns, to tales about the people who once lived, worked, and died there.  Many of them are my ancestors and some may be yours as well.  
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Woburn Community Information

All the community info you need and more.

Woburn Families

Come here to find information on the families of Woburn.


I have many New England and Royalty connections, stop by and look them up!

Modern Obituaries of Woburn

Keep an eye on the future with weekly obituaries.

Chronicles of Woburn

Come and read about today and yesteryear in Woburn, courtesy of Marie Coady, freelance writer for the Woburn Daily Times.

Old Maps of Woburn

Maps of Woburn from 1638 to present day.  Some even have your ancestors names upon them...

 Family Genealogies


My Direct line families that I am searching for are Remington and Menchin. Both families are from the Woburn area but did do a small amount of migrating.  If you have any info on these two families, please email me!


I am only back to 1800 with this family originally from Yorkshire, England and then find them in Pennsylvania.  Wm. Remington then migrated to Massachusetts and the rest of the family ends up in Woburn - from then on - to all points.


Beginning with Robert William Menchin born abt. 1770 (possibly Lunenburg), and then of Leominster, and his family that migrates through Townsend, Pepperell and then onto Woburn, Massachusetts.


This an old family of Azorean descent that eventually settled into the Gloucester, MA area and were fishing schooner owners and fisherman alike. Read about John Coney (My 2nd Great Grandfather) who shipwrecked the Leader.


I have not yet found the origin of this family, but not for lack of trying! Ancestors I have so far are from the great state of Arkansas, but where did they migrate from?


Originally O'Brien (or a variation of), this family hails from the Emerald Isle and found their way to New England in about 1806; to settle around the Milton, Massachusetts area.


Robert Quimby, who came from Farnum, Surry, England and my line of descent.


Help me find the Father I never knew - Charles Stafford Withers. I am currently looking for his extended family. Can you help?


My line of the Moody family, starting with Horace Moody.  Need to find the rest of the earlier clan...


My line of the Warren family, starting with George W. Warren.  Can you help me find the rest of the family..


Hailing from North Carolina and migrated to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, this line connects directly into the Kirtley family.  

Family Portraits

Drop in and see what my ancestors looked like.


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